The US Aggression on Syria and the Principles of a “Just War”

The US post-WWII imperialistic foreign policy of global hegemony is obviously not to be changed by a new 45th US President who only after three months obliterated all his electoral campaign promises to keep hands off from Syria and to finally stop with the American practice of interventionist policies across the world […] Read more ›


Establishment struggles to maintain anti-Russian narrative as the ice starts to crack under them

Irony of ironies: when the Soviets used their proxy General Jaruzelski to crush Solidarnoszcz in December 1981, the Reagan administration aptly demanded the Soviets «Let Poland be Poland». Great idea! And let France be France, Germany Germany, America America, Serbia Serbia – and let Russia be Russia […] Read more ›


Amnesty International publishes a fabricated report on mass executions in Syria

Pressures by Western propaganda against Syria have recently heightened […] Read more ›


America’s War for the Greater Middle East – A Military History

The concluding section continues along the parameters of the GME War’s permanence, which including the above, also includes the militarized meme of supporting the troops, the benefits that accrue to certain individuals, and most importantly to Bacevich is that “Americans themselves appear oblivious to what is occurring” without stating the obvious about the control of the media and the message by corporate-political America […] Read more ›


The Collapse of the European Union: Return to National Sovereignty and to Happy Europeans?

This radical solution may be too much even for staunch EU/Euro opponents. Many of them still seek, hope and dream of a reformed EU. They still live under the illusion that ‘things’ could be worked out. Believe me – they cannot. The Machiavellian US-invented venture, called European Union with the equally US-invented common currency – the Eurozone – has run its course. It is about to ram the proverbial iceberg […] Read more ›


NATO: Proudly Delivering Death Since 1949 – A Book Review

The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is simply magnificent, erudite and devoid of the ethnocentrism to which one has become so accustomed from Western authors. The book deals with what doubtless are the most important and relevant issues of the day for all those committed to saving life and protecting Mother Earth from rampant human irresponsibility and crime […] Read more ›


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