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Ovsishte is a village in central Serbia in the province/district of Shumadija

Ovsishte is located in the municipality of Topola

The location of Ovsishte is situated 31 kilometers north west of the approximate center of Serbia and 72 kilometers south of the capital Belgrade

In the year of 2007 Ovsishte counted 630 registered inhabitants including 624 Serbs (99.04%)

State: Serbia

Province: Shumadija

Time zone: Europe/Belgrade +1GMT

Latitude: 44.12 (north)

Longitude: 20.7333333 (east)

Altitude (feet): 1053

Altitude (meters): 320

Approximate population for 7 km radius from Ovsishte: 5662

Climate zone: Cfa, humid subtropical (no dry season, hot summer)

Humid (> 0.65 P/PET)

Elevation: 322 meter

Post code: 34310 Topola, Serbia

Inhabitants: 630 (2002 year census)

Households: 268 (2002 year census)

Demographic trends:

 1948 year
 1196 inhabitants
 1953 year
 1180 inhabitants
 1961 year
 1080 inhabitants
 1971 year
 969 inhabitants
 1981 year
 912 inhabitants
 1991 year
 797 inhabitants
 2002 year
630 inhabitants

Weather (June 7th, 2011):

Scattered clouds

Wind speed: 5 knots

Condition: n/a

Sunrise time: 04:54 hours

Noon 12:36 hours

Sunset time: 20:18 hours

Day length: 15:24 hours

Sun power: 1139 mW/m2 at noon

Temperature: 27C (at 17:00 hrs.) 

Natural hazard zone: Low occurrence (risk factor 1 out 5) 

No volcano hazard zone

No drought hazard zone

Flooding zone: High occurrence (risk factor 8 out 10)

No land slide hazard zone

No cyclone hazard zone

Earthquake zone: Destructive (VIII), >7 Richter

Cultivation intensity: 75% cultivated, 25% natural vegetation

Average elevation: 270 meter

Land coverage: Rainfed croplands

Population density: 102 people per Sq km

Malnutrition: 0.19% of children below 5 years old are underweight

Infant mortality: 17 per 1000 births

Night light intensity: 14%

Time from town Topola (by car per Bozhurnja village): 12 min.

Village name OVSISHTE is derived from Serbian term for OAT GRAIN that is “OVAS”. It means that Ovsishte village is the “Village of Oat Grain”






Ovsishte village – Location
Ovsishte village in Central Serbia It is located between the town of Topola and the city of Kragujevac Latitude 44.12 (north) Longitude 20.7333333 (east) How to get there: By plane to Belgrade and by bus/car via Mladenovac and Topola to the village By train from Belgrade or Sofia or Athens to Mladenovac or Kragujevac and by bus/car to the village Road distance to Belgrade: 100 km. Road distance to Topola: 7 km. Road distance to Kragujevac: 25 km. Post address: 34310 Topola, Shumadija, Serbia     Save Save Save Save
Radoje Domanović – A Living Legend from Ovsishte village
Radoje Domanovic is the most famous person ever born in Ovsishte village! Born: February 4th, 1873 Ovsishte, Principality of Serbia Died: August 4th, 1908 Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia Occupation: Writer (satirist) Nationality: Serbian Literary movement: Realism Radoje Domanovic, February 4th, 1873 - August 4th, 1908) was a Serbian writer and teacher, most famous for his satirical short stories. Biography: Domanovic was born in a village Ovsishte which is located in Topola municipality, Shumadija District. He attended a gymnasium in Kragujevac. Some of his teachers were Pera Djordjevic and Sreten Stojkovic, followers of Svetozar Markovic, who were arrested for an attempt to take control of the local government and displaying a red flag. From 1890 to 1894, Domanović studied at the history and philology department of Belgrade's Grande Ecole (what soon became the University of Belgrade). He read some of his first works to the members of a student organization Pobratimstvo (Bloodbrothers). In 1893, he published his first work, a short story ...
Ovsishte village – Location
Renovated Primary School in Ovsishte village
Radoje Domanović – A Living Legend from Ovsishte village


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