The US Aggression on Syria and the Principles of a “Just War”

The US post-WWII imperialistic foreign policy of global hegemony is obviously not to be changed by a new 45th US President who only after three months obliterated all his electoral campaign promises to keep hands off from Syria and to finally stop with the American practice of interventionist policies across the world […] Read more ›


Establishment struggles to maintain anti-Russian narrative as the ice starts to crack under them

Irony of ironies: when the Soviets used their proxy General Jaruzelski to crush Solidarnoszcz in December 1981, the Reagan administration aptly demanded the Soviets «Let Poland be Poland». Great idea! And let France be France, Germany Germany, America America, Serbia Serbia – and let Russia be Russia […] Read more ›


Amnesty International publishes a fabricated report on mass executions in Syria

Pressures by Western propaganda against Syria have recently heightened […] Read more ›


Czech President Zeman: Deputy PM of Kosovo is a war criminal

The recognition of the independence of Kosovo has opened up a Pandora’s Box and unleashed a dangerous process of redrawing borders around the world […] Read more ›


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